Great Benefits When You Purchase a Rear-View Camera

Many new cars come with a built-in rear view camera, but some models, especially older ones, do not.

We can install them, increasing the safety or your vehicle enormously. You have a nice selection to choose from adding greater functionality to an older model car.

A rear-view camera will help eliminate the blind spot directly behind your car helping you avoid backing into or over what you formerly could not see. Rear-view cameras also let you see the lower areas you can’t with your mirror, which is especially significant if there are young children in your yard or driveway. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in the United States, 50 children per week are struck or run over by a vehicle reversing out of a driveway.

At Catlin we’re thinking about you.

The cameras also help your overall driving safety. When installing a camera, you have the choice of wiring it to a reversing light or to a constant power source. If you wire it to a constant power source, the camera will show the road behind you even if you’re not in reverse. This helps you be a safer driver on the highway, as well as in the driveway.

Topper vs Bed Cover? Which is Best for me?

Now this is a GREAT question!

At Catlin we have you covered both ways. We are a Leer dealer for Toppers and painted lids, and we carry a wide variety of Bed Covers. Your needs determine which you would choose.

If you need the full bed height to cover your luggage or if your dogs travel with you, choose a topper. The window screens in the topper provide excellent ventilation for transporting pets and even for camping.

Do you want a sporty painted-to-match cover to take your truck to the next level? The Leer Tonneau is definitely the way to go! Leer and Catlin offer two sleek lids: the 550 or the 700!

We are here for you and you can count on that.

Or do you need a Bed Cover giving you immediate access to your Truck bed? We have a variety of options all on display in our showroom. The Roll N Lock retracts and we have three folding covers. If you are on a tight budget, we have that covered too.
Hey, at Catlin we are here for you and you can count on that.

What Does a Lifetime Warranty Mean?

When a company offers you a lifetime warranty you need to know the company’s reputation.

A warranty is only as good as the company providing it. Catlin has been in business since 1919. We are a fourth generation family owned and operated business. We will be here for your lifetime and more.

When you come see us in Downtown Jacksonville at 2nd and Main you will receive a warm welcome and answers to all of your car and truck accessory needs. Our service techs are professionals, and our sales team is friendly and full of knowledge.
Catlin will be here to service your warranty, and that’s a promise.

Why a Camlocker?

Because they are the best!

Do you have valuable tools, golf clubs or hunting gear in your box? You won’t have to worry anymore when you have a Camlocker. This is the most secure box in the industry. Most boxes have the key number on the lock, or a paddle latch with ten possible key codes. NOT the Camlocker. It has a heavy duty T-handle with the key code hidden away.

You can count on Catlin!

Camlockers come with a carpeted interior to protect all you put inside from scratches and wear. Come into Catlin today: we keep over 100 of them in stock. Hey, we’ve been waiting for you to come on by since 1919. You can count on Catlin !